• New Intake Parents' Evening Wednesday 8th July 6.00pm

Message From The Headteacher

Most of us don’t like change, adults and children alike. It is re-assuring, for the majority of us, to feel comfortable with daily routines, familiar surroundings and people we know around us.

But the reality of life is that things do not stay the same or, to use my favourite paradox: change is here to stay.

Understanding why changes happen and responding to them and making the very best of the situations we find ourselves in, is a key component for anyone intending to lead a happy and successful life. Responding positively to change is all about resilience.

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2014 Exam Outcomes

  • GCSE 5 A*-C (incl. English & Maths)
  • A-Level Pass rate
  • Students progressing to Uniiversity
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