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Main School Uniform



From September students will be expected to wear:

  • The  school pullover
  • An open-neck revere blouse
  • The school’s tartan skirt
  • Plain black or navy tights or socks
  • Plain black shoes or short, kicker style boots (no higher than their ankles). Heels must be less than 4cm high. Canvas plimsolls cannot be worn.
  • A plain black or blue coat or the school coat
  • A plain black or blue scarf or the school scarf 

Under their blouses, students should only wear a plain white t-shirt/vest.

Year 7 and 8 students will be expected to wear a blazer at all times at school unless they have been given permission to remove it.  

All students will be expected to wear the new blazer and a school pullover which will have the colour of their House on it. Year 11 students can wear a blue, burgundy, green or purple pullover. In the summer term, students may also wear the summer dress. This dress is expected to reach to below students' knees.

Jewellery permitted is limited to a watch ONLY.  No earrings of any kind are allowed. No facial piercings of any kind are allowed. Any jewellery will be confiscated and returned at the end of term.  Hairstyles should be practical and neat. Hair should have natural colours only. Students will not be permitted to have multicoloured hairstyles. 


PE Kit

KS3 PE Kit

  • Light blue La Retraite t-shirt
  • Dark blue La Retraite sweatshirt
  • Dark blue La Retraite shorts ­
  • Plain dark blue sweat pants

KS4 PE Kit

  • La Retraite Sports shirt
  • La Retraite reversible fleece or hooded top
  • Dark blue La Retraite shorts ­
  • Plain dark blue sweat pants


Purchasing the School Uniform

Our uniform is supplied by SCHOOL UNIFORM DIRECT.

For our uniform list and prices, please click here.

For your nearest branch, please click here.

To telephone School Uniform Direct, telephone 020 8544 5440 - select Option 1,and select your nearest store from the list.

Further information is available on www.schooluniformdirect.co.uk


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