If you ever have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of any student, please act IMMEDIATELY to ensure that they are safe and well.

You can report concerns directly to Social Services or you can contact the following at the school:

  • The school's Safeguarding Officer is Mrs Maire Newell. She can be contacted by telephone 020 8673 5644 Ext 187 or via e-mail at mnewell@laretraite.lambeth.sch.uk
  • In her absence please contact the Safeguarding Lead, Ms H Martin, Assistant Headteacher, on 020 8673 5644 Ext 188 or via email at hmartin@laretraite.lambeth.sch.uk

If you ever have any concerns regarding the conduct of a member of staff which may impact on the safeguarding of a particular student, please contact Mrs Newell or Ms Martin immediately.

Please refer to the Safeguarding Policy in the Policies section if you require any further information on the protocols involved in safeguarding matters.

"Children become the victims or the beneficiaries of adult actions"
Hugh Cunningham - The Invention of Childhood 2006

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