In any community, things occasionally go wrong. When that happens, we want to make it as easy as possible to address any issues with parents.

A way of preventing problems from developing is for parents to encourage their daughter to share any problem or anxiety with her tutor, subject teacher, Year Learning Co-ordinator, Head of Department, or one of the Deputy or Assistant Headteachers, however trivial it may seem. If the problem does develop, we are then able to sort it out as quickly as possible.

In order to inform us of their concerns, parents can:

  • write a comment in the student’s planner either for the tutor or the subject teacher;
  • write a note to the tutor or subject teacher;
  • contact the Head of Department to ask for an appointment;
  • contact the Year Learning Co-ordinator to ask for an appointment;
  • telephone or write a note to the Deputy or Assistant Headteacher in charge of the year group, asking for an appointment.

Mr Malins, Headteacher, has the overview of Years 10 and 11, Miss Marshall has the overview of Year 9, Miss Ungaro Year 8, and Mrs Hannon Year 7. Mrs R Coyle has the overview of the Sixth Form.

We are confident that matters can usually be sorted out satisfactorily and informally in these ways. 
If, however, after following these procedures, parents are not satisfied, they may make a formal complaint in writing to the Headteacher.

When written complaints are made, we acknowledge the complaint in writing within two school days. In the 
acknowledgement, we will include:

  • the name of the staff dealing with the complaint;
  • a deadline of no fewer than seven working days for notifying parents of progress that has been made;
  • if at all practicable, a deadline of ten school days for settling the complaint.

If we are unable to resolve the matter in school, a complaint may be addressed in writing to the Chair of Governors at the school. In this case, we have a formal complaints procedure which is available on request.

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