Key Stage 4

Please click here to view the KS4 Curriculum Booklet. Within this booklet is a summary of our assessment programme and some details about the curriculum your daughter will follow.

Please click here to view the Year 11 Revision timetable for Autumn 1, 2018.

The move to Key Stage 4 is a very important one for all students, and our aim is to ensure that each student embarks on a curriculum which will enable the best possible outcomes for her, in terms of examination results and in terms of preparation for life.

Each student will follow a core curriculum, including Mathematics, English, PE, RE, and Science. For some of these subjects, students will have already started their GCSE courses in Year 9. At the end of Year 9, students will also be able to choose a number of Option subjects.

There are four pathways of study available to students in Key Stage 4 – Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow. Each pathway provides students with the opportunity to study a broad and varied curriculum in order to provide them with the best possible preparation for future study. All pathways lead to formal qualifications whether they are GCSE or Vocational qualifications. 

Ours is a guided options system, which means that, in the end, we will make the final decision on what each student’s Key Stage 4 curriculum will be, based on our professional knowledge and understanding. A broad range of information including target and current working levels, mid-term monitoring results, and teacher referrals were used to determine the most suitable pathway for each student. Students may not always get their preferred option because of over-sized groups or because a group is too small to run. However, we will certainly take preferences into consideration.

There is normally an evening in February for Year 9s when the Option process is explained to parents and their daughters, and questions can be asked. A letter with the details of this evening is sent home a few weeks prior to the event.



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