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School Catering

Our school meals service is provided by Harrison Catering, who sold their service to us at least ten years ago, based upon their on-site preparation of top quality meals, made with at least 90% fresh ingredients.

During the school day, food is available for purchase at the following times:

  • Breakfast service - before 8:30am
  • Mid-morning snack - 10:30am to 10:45am
  • Lunch - 12:30pm to 1:10pm -  The lunch menu rotates on a two-weekly basis: Week 1 and Week 2

The cost of a 'meal deal' at lunchtime is £2.35, which entitles pupils to a main course with vegetables, and a dessert, for example.

How to Purchase Meals:

Please note that we use a biometric cashless catering system whereby payments are not made at the till in the Dining Hall, but instead pupils pay through fingerprint recognition. Please note, the actual fingerprint of a pupil is taken but is stored as a coded string of numbers meaning a fingerprint can never be reproduced. The Cunninghams IMPACT software also holds individual cash balances, records cash spent, and cash received.

Parents can pay for their child's meal through one of two options:

  1. by cheque made out to 'Harrison Catering' and which needs to be left in a lockable box in the Dining Hall (please write your child's name and form group on the back)  
  2. via ParentPay which is a web payment service that lets parents pay online by credit or debit card.  Access to ParentPay can be found at the top of the homepage of this website. All pupils have ParentPay log-on details given to them when they start at the school.

Please note that, firstly, cash is not accepted as payment by Harrison Catering, and secondly, if your child does not have sufficient funds on their account when they come to purchase their lunch, they will have one day's grace to purchase a lunch but after this, they will no longer be able to purchase a lunch until any debt is cleared and their account is in credit.

Pupils who are entitled to free school meals will also be issued with a ParentPay account (so that parents can add funds for breakfast or mid-morning snacks which the free school meal entitlement does not cover). At lunchtime, pupils entitled to free school meals obtain all food using the same cashless system so that their meal status remains anonymous to other pupils.

Are you eligible for Free School Meals?

Free School Meals


Menus Date  
Week 1.pdf 12th Sep 2018 Download
Week 2.pdf 12th Sep 2018 Download
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