Junior Scholarship Programme

To view the Junior Scholarship Programme leaflet, please click here.

Students on the Junior Scholarship Programme will enjoy a wide range of benefits and opportunities. 


Growth Mindset (Year 7)

  • Growth Mindset aims to improve the ways in which students approach schoolwork and problem solving, and learning from feedback and critique. Students will learn strategies for reflecting upon feedback from teachers and peers, to improve upon subsequent work. Growth Mindset challenges negative and unconstructive thought-patterns, and reframe thinking towards positivity and future improvement.

Logical Thinking (Year 8)

  • Logical Thinking is designed to allow students to think outside of the box when presented with unfamiliar and challenging work, and problem-solving. It also teaches students to train their brain in thinking through challenges carefully and methodically, in order to arrive at logical and sensible conclusions. It is a skill that is used across the curriculum.

Iggy (Year 8)

  • The International Gateway for Gifted Youths (IGGY), provided by the University of Warwick, is an educational social network aimed at students between 13-18 years. Student members are able to collaborate with other gifted and talented students from around the world to exchange ideas and talents, make new friends, and access valuable academic resources in a safe online environment.

Philosophy for Children (Year 9)

  • Our Philosophy for Children programme is an enquiry-based approach to open up children’s learning through the exploration of ideas. The programme aims to give students the possibility of seeing their ideas have value, and that other people have different ideas that have value too. Students gain the confidence to ask questions and learn through discussion, and effective communication and critical analysis skills through group work and discussion

Future Learn (Year 10)

  • Future Learn provides a variety of online courses for students from many leading universities and institutions, including the University of Leeds, the Open University, and St George’s, University of London. Courses are tailored to students’ needs and provide a comprehensive offering, including programmes in web design, anatomy, robotics, and technology. Students work to complete courses in order to gain certificates in their subject. Upon passing a final assessment, students earn an academic award.


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