Junior Scholarship Programme

To download the Junior Scholarship Programme flyer, please click here.

Students on the Scholarship Programme can enjoy a wide range of benefits and opportunities. Within their Scholarship sessions, students will take part in the following activities.
Years 7 & 8: 
Students will enjoy ‘drop-down days’  in each of the Autumn, Spring, and Summer terms where they will take part in a range of activities including, STEM days, PiXL portfolio building, workshops, and talks from guest speakers. 
Year 9:
Students will work on building a personal portfolio of the events, achievements, and opportunities they have enjoyed. Working with the PiXL and ULAS platforms, students will undertake a range of extra-curricular activities which will enable them to grow as individuals and give them experience in leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative, and communication.
Year 10: 
Students will undertake Future Learn courses - structured courses provided by leading universities in a wide range of subjects and topics. Students can choose any course that suits that interests, and complete the course in their own time and working at their own pace.
From September 2018, Year 10 students will be joining Streatham and Clapham High School to undertake the GCSE Classics course.
We also arrange for an array of events and excursions to take place throughout the year. Students are invited to participate in a inspirational programme of events, workshops, conferences, and trips, including visits to Oxbridge and Russell Group universities, subject-specific conferences, in-house guest speakers, skills and employability workshops, and careers showcases.
Entrance to our Scholarship Programme is based on academic ability.


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