Sixth Form Scholarship Programme

To view the Sixth Form Scholarship Programme pamphlet, please click here.

Students on the Scholarship Programme will enjoy a wide range of benefits and opportunities. 

Unifrog (Year 11)

  • Through the Unifrog platform, students can find a variety of impartial information on courses, universities, and apprenticeships available to them. Students are guided to looking carefully at their course options, and university data in order to make informed decisions when submitting university applications.

Entrance Tests & Interview Techniques (Year 12)

  • Students are given valuable guidance on university entrance tests and outstanding interview techniques, with particular emphasis on the requirements for applying to Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. We aim to give students the tools necessary to achieve well on university entrance tests, and gain the skills required to give an outstanding interview with university admissions recruiters.

Internal and External Mentors

  • Utilising our alumni platform, Future First, and the Inspiring the Future foundation, we recruit volunteer external professional mentors to inspire and guide our Scholarship students. Students are matched to mentors based on their desired career pathway. So far, the mentoring programme has been very successful: students have received brilliant advice on university and course options, as well as a wealth of professional advice and inspiration from their mentors. These links are highly valued by students and mentors alike.
  • Our internal staff have also been on hand to mentor students. Form tutors provide excellent subject, UCAS, and university course guidance. Students wishing to obtain a particular degree or qualification have been matched to staff who hold that degree; for instance, an HLTA holding a degree in biomedical science has mentored students wishing to gain such a degree at university. Similarly, a Science Technician who has had experience with applications and interviews with medical schools has also mentored students in what to expect should they be invited for an interview. 


  • Students on the Sixth Form Scholarship Programme will receive a bursary payment to support their academic progress. Students will receive one payment; the amount received will depend on their Scholarship award.
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