La Retraite Prayer Life

Over this academic year, we will be preparing to celebrate the school's Feast Day of the Sacred Heart, and focusing on the quote by the Prophet Micah that forms a central part of the school's Mission Statement:

To act justly

To love mercy and

To walk humbly with God.


La Retraite School Prayer
O, Jesus, through 
Your Immaculate Heart
I offer You my day;
my work, prayers, my joys;
my time with friends;
my time of rest;
my difficulties, problems 
and distress,
I offer these my gifts to join
with Your gift of love of all.
Grant Your blessing upon all
in our school community.
"We journey together this Lent, helping each other along the way and always walking humbly with our God."
Pray for peace.
Speak of peace.
Think of peace.
Walk in peace.
Act in peace.
And the peace of the Lord will be with you always.
A Prayer from the Book of Hours 1514
God be in my head,
and in my understanding;
God be in my eyes,
and in my seeing;
God be in my mouth,
and in my speaking;
God be in my heart,
and in my thinking;
God be at my end,
and in my departing.
Risen Lord,
We journey to meet you at Easter,
For You want each of us to know that You are with us always.
You are counting on us to help make Your presence known,
Especially to those who need to know Your love.
Inspire us to reach out to those in need for when we do so,
we make Your presence alive.
Prayers for Students Taking Exams
I have studied, but there is so much to remember.
Please give me a clear mind.
Please keep me away from distractions.
Do not allow the pressure of the moment to frustrate me.
Help me instead to calmly take these exams, with the confidence
that You will help me to remember everything that I have studied.
Lord, we bring our work to Your working hands,
We bring our sickness to Your healing hands.
We bring our weakness to Your strong hands.
We bring our sadness to Your tender hands.
We bring our needs to Your praying hands.
We bring our suffering to Your wounded hands.
We bring our love, our families and our children
to Your hands - outstretched to bless.
We bring our hands to share with You
that bread of life which we take from You,
that we may take Your sacramental presence
to share with others.
As we take Your hands,
we are to be those hands in the world today.
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