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We Believe in High Expectations, Moral Purpose, and Opportunities!


High Expectations have meant that we have many students studying at Russell Group Universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. Over 90% of our Sixth Formers progress to university. The remainder choose to go into high-quality positions at prestigious establishments, such as the Bank of England. Our A-Level results put us in the top 25% of Sixth Forms nationally, according to ALPS.

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Currently we have students at Oxbridge studying Medicine, Maths, English, Politics, Economics, Philosophy, and Psychology, which is a testament to the outstanding teaching in all areas of the curriculum here at La Retraite Sixth Form.

As a Catholic Sixth Form, we ensure that students leave La Retraite with a sense of Moral Purpose, to enable them to be successful future citizens in society.

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Opportunities are key to encouraging social mobility for all of our students. We have developed an ‘Old Girls Network’ through the establishment of an Alumni Society, to ensure high-quality Work Experience placements are accessible to all. (Click here to view our Alumni page.)

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Throughout your time at La Retraite Sixth Form, many other extra-curricular opportunities will be offered to you. Last year, Sixth Form students travelled to New York, Barcelona, Iceland, and Switzerland. Next year, we are off to Disneyland Paris!

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Most of all, we want the students leaving La Retraite to be well-rounded and balanced young women and men, who have choices before them and are ready to take their place in a world which respects them for who they are.

La Retraite is fortunate to be in a successful and enriching collaboration with three other Lambeth schools, called the South London Sixth (SL6). These schools are: Dunraven School, St. Martin’s-in-the-Fields Girls’ School, and The Elmgreen School. All of these schools work closely together to ensure a wide and varied offer to Sixth Formers. Governors and Head Teachers from the four schools work collaboratively with the Heads of Sixth Form to ensure a seamless experience for young people.

South London 6 (SL6) is a leading Sixth Form, which builds on the strengths of its schools. It provides a range of academic and vocational courses to meet the needs of Post-16 students, togethert with many educational, social, and enrichment opportunities. SL6 students grow and develop as independent, confident, and responsible adults, prepared for university and careers in the future.

Students receive support and guidance in planning their futures, and preparing them effectively for further study by developing skills of independent study and personal organisation. SL6 helps students to find the appropriate courses, colleges, or universities, along with interview and careers advice from specialist staff. SL6 will support and guide you through the process of applying for university, further education, or employment. Up-to-date information is available through a wide range of resources. You will receive expert advice on the university application process. Specialist careers advice is available from the school’s Careers staff.

At SL6, students have access to:

  • Dedicated Sixth Form facilities
  • Computer suites
  • Video-conferencing technology
  • Media facilities
  • University Summer Schools and Master Classes
  • Russell Group University programmes
  • Work experience and community volunteering
  • Residential visits in the UK and abroad
  • Cultural visits and events
  • Enhanced Leadership Programme
  • Guest speakers
  • Business mentors
  • Links to Livery Companies
  • Established Alumni
  • City Internships
  • Participation in the Scholarship Programme
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