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Welcome to the La Retraite Safeguarding Page. Here you will be able to find links to our key Safeguarding policies and guidance, including links to other useful sources of information and advice regarding some of the key issues facing children and young people.

At the bottom of the page are contact details of the school’s Safeguarding team to whom we encourage students, parents or members of the public to report any concerns immediately.

We operate robust safeguarding policies and procedures which includes working closely with parents/carers and a range of organisations and professionals to ensure the young people who attend the school are kept safe and supported appropriately during difficult circumstances.

We are fully committed to the safeguarding of students and to provide them with a safe and secure environment.  Any action taken by the safeguarding team is done with reference to statutory guidance, professional advice and will always be in the best interests of the child.

Guidance and Advice

Please click here to see our main Safeguarding and Child Protection policy. Use the links below to take you to key safeguarding documents which inform our policy and practice. As a school we are developing key ‘Supporting Students’ policies, these relate to specific issues that we needed particularly protocols and guidance around. 

PSHE and Safeguarding

Part of our safeguarding commitment also relates to educating our students about key issues which potentially pose a risk to children and young people. This is primarily done through our Friday morning PSHE curriculum but also through externally delivered workshops and outside speakers. The main aim of all these sessions is to ensure students are able to take care of themselves, and if confronted with an issue, are aware and confident of who can support them and where to go to access that support.

Below is an outline of the key issues explored by at students.

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
AU1 Transition - My Support Network & Friendship Building Positive Relationships Self-Esteem and Resilience KS4 Transition Wellbeing
AU2 Puberty & Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Trust Me - Online Content Developing Positive Relationships The Law, Me and My Community Building Healthy Relationships & Consent
SP1 Social Media & Staying Safe Online Money and Me Careers and Future Aspirations Finance Education Me and My Future
SP2 Mental Health Mental Health Mental Health Mental Health Mental Health
SU1 British Values Human Rights Drug Education Extremism and Radicalisation Exam Preparation
SU2 Staying Safe and Risk-Taking Personal Safety Healthy Relationships and Consent Academic Resilience and Developing Study Habits -


La Retraite Safeguarding Bulletins and Updates

The staff at La Retraite receive regular training and updates about specific safeguarding issues. Please feel free to take a look at the past and current issue of our staff safeguarding bulletin, these can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you ever have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of any student, please act IMMEDIATELY to ensure that they are safe and well.

You can report concerns directly to Social Services or you can contact the following at the school:

The school's Safeguarding Officer is Miss A Pitts. She can be contacted by telephone 020 8673 5644 Ext 187 or via e-mail at:

In her absence please contact the Designated Safeguarding LeadMs H Martin, Assistant Headteacher, on 020 8673 5644 Ext 188 or via email at:

If you ever have any concerns regarding the conduct of a member of staff which may impact on the safeguarding of a particular student, please contact Mr D Malins, Headteacher, immediately, at:


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