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Pastoral Care

Form Group Tutors

Every student at La Retraite has a tutor, and if you have any queries or problems, please speak to the tutor in the first instance.

Year 7
Form Tutor
7 Charity Mr Pattni/Miss Tooke
7 Faith Miss S Clark
7 Hope Mrs Vajsz/Miss Barbeito
7 Love Miss Whitmarsh
7 Patience Miss Lewis-Davies
7 Wisdom Mis Ali/Miss Seewoogoolam
Year 8
Form Tutor
8 Charity Mr Rahman
8 Faith Mr Gurbah
8 Hope Miss Anderson/Ms Lewin
8 Love Mrs Soriano-Ferrero
8 Patience Miss Boateng
8 Wisdom Mr Roberts
Year 9
Form Tutor
9 Charity Mrs Masoliver
9 Faith  Miss C Clarke
9 Hope Miss Patel
9 Love Miss Cook/Miss Grigore
9 Patience Mrs Claps
9 Wisdom Mr Burke/Miss Merkel
Year 10
Form Tutor
10 Charity Mrs Sobowale/Mr Orjales-Mourente
10 Faith  Miss Cunningham
10 Hope Mr Shaw
10 Love Miss Boakye
10 Patience Mr Khoja/Ms Faith
10 Wisdom Mrs Assan
Year 11
Form Tutor
11 Charity Mr Bloss
11 Faith 1 Ms Nutton
11 Faith 2 Miss Williamson
11 Hope Mr Lomas
11 Love Miss Nicolaides
11 Patience Miss Lowe
11 Wisdom Mr Baylor

In any school, things can occasionally go wrong. When that happens, we want to make it as easy as possible to address any issues for parents.

A way of preventing problems from developing is for you to encourage your child to share any problem or anxiety with her tutor, subject teacher, Pastoral Support Manager, Year Learning Co-ordinator, Head of Department, or one of the Assistant Headteachers or the Deputy Headteacher, however trivial it may seem.

Pastoral Support Managers

The primary role of the Pastoral Support Managers is to ensure the wellbeing of the students in their respective year groups.  You can address any queries about any aspect of your child's education or any other issues to them:

Year 7 pastoral support manager Miss Foster


Years 8 & 9 pastoral support manager Miss Gosling


years 10 & 11 Pastoral Support Manager Miss Adams


Year Learning Co-ordinators

The Year Learning Co-ordinators are primarily responsible for the learning and development of the students in their year group for all subjects. You can address any queries about any aspect of your child's education to them:

Year 7 Miss McFarlane
YEar 8 Miss Tamakloe
Year 9 & 10 Mrs Appiah-Kubi
Year 11 Mrs Ferreira

Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral Support oversight)

Mr Obah, Assistant Headteacher, has overall responsibility for pastoral support from Years 7 to 11, and if you feel that a matter has not been dealt with to your satisfaction, and contact with your child's form tutor, Pastoral Support Manager, or Year Learning Co-ordinator has been exhausted, then Mr Obah should be able to advise you.  He can be contacted by email:

Safeguarding Officer

If you have any concerns about the health and safety of a child, please contact Mrs Maire Newell, Safeguarding Officer, by telephone on 020 8673 5644, Ext. 187.


If you need to contact the Headteacher, Mr Malins, please contact him via Mrs Avenell, the Admin Manager, at the school.


If you would like to contact the Attendance Officer via email, please contact

To report a student from Years 10 or 11 as absent, please call 020 8673 5644, ext. 102

To report a student from Years 7, 8 or 9 as absent, or for any other attendance queries, please call 020 8673 5644, ext. 103

Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form, tutor groups are formed as follows:

Sixth Form Tutor Group Tutor
12Thompson Mrs Thompson/Mrs Franco
12Aryiku Miss Aryiku
12Stober Mr Stober
12Baxter-Batchelor Mrs Baxter-Batchelor
12Mohamud Mr Mohamud
12Day Mrs Day
12Archie-Pearce Mrs Archie-Pearce
13Lopez Mr Lopez
13Silcox Miss Silcox
13Kelly Mrs Kelly/Mr Regan
13Zyba Miss Zyba
13Assinder Mrs Assinder/Miss Nolan                             

Ms Coyle is the Director of Learning for the Sixth Form, Miss Urquhart is the Head of Year 13 and Miss Rumble is the Head of Year 12.

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