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A Level Results Day Highlights

Posted on: 15th Aug 2019

A Level Results Day 2019 - our best results ever!

It's been an amazing day with Year 13 students receiving their A Level results throughout the morning. We are thrilled with the level of hard work and academic achievement we've seen today. The students' dedication to their studies and ability to achieve their fullest has been reflected in their incredible results, our best ever.

Below are some highlights from our highest achievers, Min, Jade, Victoria and Cassandra, who were all members of our Scholarship Programme.





We'd also like to highlight the extraordinary efforts of Kasablanca, below, who has achieved brilliant grades, which is exceptional considering her difficulty in being accepted to a sixth form for previously being home-schooled (we were very glad to take her on, however!). The Wandsworth Guardian has put together a piece about Kasablanca and her achievement which can be read by clicking here.



To the parents of Year 13 students:

If you'd like to ensure that your child receives your full support on results day, whether they achieved well, better than expected, or haven't done as well as they'd hoped, there is a wealth of advice online - please see the links below for more information.

The Telegraph's Advice for parents on A Level Results Day

HuffPost's article on A-Level Results: What To Do If Your Child Didn't Get The Grades They Hoped For


To our Year 13 students:

Remember that you will always have a place within our La Retraite community. Although your focus is turned towards your next destination, join our Alumni Programme today by clicking here so that you can continue to be part of our community. You'll receive newsletters and up-to-date news, invites to alumni events and opportunities to support further generations of La Retraite students.

Year 13, we wish you all the best for the future, whatever it may bring. With faith, values and excellence, you can do anything. Now enjoy the rest of your summer break for the real hard work begins!

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